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Vehicle Accidents in West Palm Beach

Vehicle Accidents in West Palm Beach

Vehicle accidents account for the lowest percentage (5.4%) of workplace injuries. However, vehicle accidents can be very dangerous and can cause serious physical and mental harm. Car accidents can cause injuries that are long lasting and worsen with time. If the accident was significant, the trauma from the accident can be debilitating for an individual to return to work and get back in another vehicle. It is essential to involve an attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation cases to ensure you receive all that you are entitled to.

When it comes to your workplace environment, your safety should never be put in jeopardy. Workplace injuries may feel insignificant at the moment, but they can have long-term effects. The injury can worsen over time, or the dangerous incident may occur again, putting you in risk once more. There was a total of 5,147 fatal workplace injuries in the United States in 2017. If you feel unsafe or have been injured, it’s important to consult with a lawyer.

At the very least, you should not be returning to work the next day after your injury. Returning to work can cause the injury to get more severe, or you may be put in harm’s way again. Florida workers’ compensation laws have been made to cover medical bills and disability leave for workers who have been hurt on the job. Contact a lawyer specializing in workers’ compensation to discuss your case as soon as possible.

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