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Experienced Mediation Attorney Serving West Palm Beach And Port St. Lucie Clients

Mediation is an alternative form of dispute resolution where the parties involved use a neutral third party, called a mediator, to encourage and facilitate the resolution of a dispute. It provides a discreet and relatively inexpensive way to resolve a dispute without the expense and risk associated with trial. Mediation is an especially appealing option if your dispute involves another person with whom you’d like to maintain a relationship, including loved ones, friends, business associates and/or others. In other words, one of the principal advantages of mediation is that it may be used instead of filing a lawsuit to avoid harming the relationships of those involved.

Privacy Is A Benefit Of Mediation

Privacy is a crucial component of the mediation process. With few exceptions, what you say during mediation cannot legally be repeated outside mediation proceedings, including in court. This is in stark contrast to litigating a suit in civil court, wherein only by a special order of a judge may information be sealed from public exposure. Regardless of the details at the heart of your dispute, you can fashion a private and confidential agreement to resolve your dispute.

Mediation (Often) Saves Money

For most Floridians who elect to pursue mediation, the savings are an added benefit. It is not uncommon for a court battle to cost tens of thousands of dollars, with certain cases costing much more. This is why attorney Phillip Thompson prides himself on providing compassionate, personalized mediation assistance to those West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie residents who need it most.

Mediation Allows Control

When cases go to trial, somebody wins and somebody loses. Sometimes, both sides come out of a trial feeling like they lost. Because your case is decided by complete strangers sitting on a jury, you cannot control the outcome. Mediation provides the parties with some control over the outcome and allows them to negotiate a mutually agreeable resolution with the guidance of an experienced lawyer.

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